Saturday, April 27

On a Roll

BB Dakota trench | Mimi & Coco waffle | Joe Fresh shorts | Dolce Vita kicks

Not entirely sure when this happened but it seems I am quite smitten with Joe Fresh this season. My last three posts have featured lovely pieces and I've got a couple more waiting in my closet to be shown off. I always keep my eye on ol' JF and tend to find the occasional gem but never have I had this much luck! Fingers crossed this is the new norm - I've grown quite accustomed to something new & sweet each time I run out for milk..


  1. I bought the pink and white version of those shorts. Love love love JF, but quite saddened to hear of the tragedy in Bangladesh. Not sure where my opinion stands right now :(

    You look lovely!

  2. Lovely look! I think I need to make a trip to JF! I see your growing out your the side bangs too! xo


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