Wednesday, March 27

American Apparel Spring Launch! :: Halifax

Goodness gracious, guys. Well isn't this just shaping up to be the best long weekend ever!? Candy, chocolate and now I've been invited to the American Apparel Spring Launch this Thursday [TOMORROW!!] and I figured I should most definitely share the invite with all of you! It's no secret I am a BIG fan of mixing a little [okay, a lot of] American Apparel into my wardrobe [AAlove1, AAlove2, AAlove3, AAlove4 ] so I most definitely going to be itching to see what they put out.

Check out the Halifax American Apparel Spring Fling event page here, and if you won't be in Halifax [ like me :( ] definitely stop by an American Apparel wherever you are [ :) ] and take advantage of the killer deals above!

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