Tuesday, January 15

Stripes + Denim

American Apparel denim | Club Monaco skirt [similar] | Nine West booties [similar] | jewelry: derng & joe fresh

There are few things that get me more excited than a great find at Club Monaco. Season to season Club Monaco just gets me. They clean cut, edgy and sweet all at once. The window displays never fail to spark an excitement in me that few other clothing stores can accomplish. Unfortunately my pocket book seems bent on sabotaging my goal to own ALL OF THE THINGS in the look book. That is why when I get that inkling, I rush into the nearest location to hem and haw for hours until I settle on some very carefully chosen pieces. It's a waiting game of love, and I'm always willing to play.

**I was not paid for this post, this is just an out-pouring of CM love by a girl who was inspired by a sale & a few killer finds.


  1. cute! i adore your skirt with that blouse
    kw Ladies in Navy

  2. I can never stay away from Club Monaco either... I want ALL thing things. Plus they really do have killer sales, the problem is they're usually out of my size by then so I buy stuff I LOVE at full price just in case I can't get it later.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. love that skirt!!!!! can go with just anything because the stripes are so subtle & travel well & pass easily from season to season . . . etc! super chic look.

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  4. you look amazing in these pictures - I seriously wish I had the pieces to recreate it because I really do love it. that navy bracelet + watch combo is something I definitely would like to create.

  5. Very cute outfit!!!! You look amazing!!! Love that skirt!!! It looks soooo good on you!!!!


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