Saturday, January 12

A Look Inside: My Overnighter Bag

Tristan Blazer [similar] | Rich & Skinny jeans | Breton Stripe tee [similar] | MANGO dress | Derek Cardigan specs
 derng bracelets | Rudsak clutch [similar] | Club Monaco belt [similar] | Nine West booties [similar] | lush blazer [similar]   

earmuffs [similar] | sunnies [similar] | Matt & Nat wallet [similar] | sugar lip | phone + kate spade case | purse | 1Q84
gloves [similar] | ear buds | note book

HANA straightner | makeup remover wipes | MIA2 clairsonic | advil | makeup | deodorant | tide to go | face moisturizer
face wash | contacts | round brush | bobbi brown eye cream

When you travel for work, even if it's occasional, you must learn to travel light. This can be a difficult feat when you're a girl who likes to have options AND has a shoe size of 9.5 - 10. Yes, you heard right - now forget that forever. Tonight I have a quick trip for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning. I'll be back by dinner time; in and out. 

The above is the lightest I have ever packed. I'm quite frankly amazed by myself. I left behind my well-intentioned gym gear, multiple shoe changes and just-in-case rain boots and it feels good... sort of. I'm crossing my fingers my plane isn't delayed leaving me with copious amounts of time for exercise and puddle jumping. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh no! I definitely had a small carry on to fit items from picture 1 and 3 into!!

  2. That's impressive! How did you manage to narrow it down to a single outfit? I feel like I always need options. Inspiring!

    1. Thanks! It was HARD, believe me! I figured out a way to turn the items I had into a second, dressy-casual option if need be and that helped.

    2. Even more impressive! I find I need a million hair products and my own hairdryer which makes my bag huge. I'm terribly picky like that...

  3. Ha! I know the feeling! I NEVER thought I could be a light packer - but now when I travel for work, it is generally with my (male) bosses who basically live in gray T-shirts, blazers and Converse sneakers.

    Striped T's have become my go to for EVERY trip - they can be dressed up with a blazer or pencil skirt or bold necklace AND are comfy to wear on the plane. I have found that jeggings keep their stretch better than jeans and are more comfortable. Blazers are a lifesaver and transform every outfit.

    Possibly my best tip is jewelry/accessories. I know mixing up jewelry and accessories can transform an outfit, but it is a lot to pack. I bring one scarf that matches every outfit. And coordinate my jewelry (usually all gold or all silver, for example). I'm so happy to not be digging through a giant makeup bag comparing a bunch of earrings.


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