Friday, November 2

Tough Enough

Joe Fresh blouse [similar] | Jbrand coated jeans | DV booties c/o LIttle Burgundy | derng bracelet as necklace 

Some days I just don't want to wear heels. This isn't usually a problem unless of course I want to wear a pair of jeans like these that just kill it in heels and are less than impressive without. Enter: my beloved booties. Although they give the look a completely different vibe than if I were wearing nude pumps or wedge heels, they work. As the cold settles in I will have avoid adding a leather coat to this ensemble though, so as to avoid accidental induction to a biker gang.


  1. those boots are super great, and I love the whole outfit!!

  2. Your top and necklace balance the outfit so that it wont look to edgy.

  3. the necklace looks so neat with the white blouse, very nice!!
    kisses from Milano

  4. Love the boots. and that blouse is super interesting, I love the detail at the front! Nice job, Joe Fresh.

  5. I love those jeans on you! I've been debating on getting the black coated j brand jeans for a while. How do you like them??

    xo Ashley

    1. I absolutely love them and I think that you should most definitely get the black coated j brand jeans! I like my brown ones but I know I would LOVE the black ones.

      Let me know if you end up getting them :)


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