Friday, November 16

Secret's Out

American Apparel cardigan | Mimi & Coco shirt | Club Monaco pencil skirt [similar] | Club Monaco belt [similar] | Hue tights [similar
 Michael Kors heels [similar] | Matt & Nat clutch | Derng jewelry

Monday, we were blessed with a randomly warm day [so awesome!] so naturally I took advantage by wearing slightly fewer layers than I've grown accustomed to as of late. It was liberating. It gave me a sneak peek of how wonderful I will feel come March. 

...yipes! Did I just let the cat outta the bag? You caught me. I am not a winter person. Of course I find the first snow incredibly romantic. And obviously I love a white Christmas as much as the next gal. But come January 3rd, I am done. with. it. Unfortunately, I live in Canada so I have a long road ahead. Please cross your fingers my toes don't freeze off and send warm thoughts ...I just unpacked my winter coats!


  1. I'm right there with you - not a winter gal at all! Although I love layers, I just can't stand the frigid fingers and toes -- not to mention dry skin!

  2. I love your bracelets! I was never a winter girl, even though I grew up in Michigan. Now that I've moved down south, I miss winter and snow so much.

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  3. So sad i do not own those heels... :(


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