Tuesday, July 10

Lazy, hazy summer days

Talula oxford [similar] | Gentle Fawn lace shorts [similar] | Locale brogues [similar] | braided belt [similar]
Matt & Nat clutch [similar] | polish - chanel Orange Fizz & OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts | bracelets - H&M, joe fresh

When . Sunday, June 16th
What . Errands, coffees, groceries
Weather . Sunny, with a cool breeze

It's funny how it goes. You see an item of clothing hanging in your favourite store, minding it's own business and you swoon. You weren't expecting to purchase anything, you were just stopping in with a friend / to kill time / for a gift, and there it is. Your mind flashes to all the amazing things you will do with this piece, all the ways you will style it. You scan your immediate area, worried that someone your exact size has also spotted this treasure. You grab your size, the size above and size below [things fit weird, okay!?] and dash to the changing room [you are killing time after all - this needs to be quick]. You try each size on, there is an obvious winner; it fits like a glove. You bring it to the cash, smiling like a crazy person, and launch into a "I shouldn't but I can't help it" speech that the shopgirl has likely heard no less than five times already, that day. You don't care though, all that matters is that it's yours. 

You take it home, nearly bursting with the anticipation of what you will wear it with first. Suddenly your entire closet is on your bed and you have discovered you own nothing that does it any justice. You spend the rest of the season only purchasing items that show off how truly amazing this piece actually is.

Dear lace shorts, by next summer, I will own you.


  1. I feel the same way about my lace shorts.  I cannot seem to do them justice.  I love the way you styled them here.

  2. Oh man.  Yes, I feel you.  The shorts are soooo cute, though!

  3. I love these lace shorts! I am on the hunt for a similar pair now :) You look stunning!

  4. This is such a cute and comfy outfit for summer! I am in LOVE with your lace shorts! You look fabulous in them : )

  5. This post totally made me smile.  Oh yeah, I can relate all right.  In fact, I have been thinking about and trying to justify lace shorts for purchase of my own for a while.  I have no doubt you will make those shorts bow down to you soon.  Love them with the chambray!

  6. Veronica FrowardJuly 10, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    I love your jewelry in this outfit! And also the combination of nail polish! Thanks for sharing :)

    xx Veronica


  7. Loving the half tuck! And also loving this colour scheme. Sublime summer colours! XO K

  8. loving the nails pretty girl!


  9. I think all of these shirts could go with your lace shorts!




    Also you could totally rock black tights under those bad boys and take them right out of summer! I love black and white (cream?), also a little bright colored party cardi could also be a good idea.
    haha xo

  10. LOVE the lace short! Good purchase for sure :) I love how you styled them here!

  11. Those lace shorts are incredible! The button up pairs perfectly with them!


  12. they are really so versatile!!!  they are worthy of all of the praise Sorren... love em! ;)


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