Tuesday, July 24

Business Lace

Club Monaco oversized blazer [similar] | Jacob tank [similar] | Gentle Fawn lace shorts [similar]
nude pumps [similar] | necklace via Biscuit | bracelets via derng, joe fresh, H&M

When . Friday, July 13th

Where . Working from my home office
Weather . hot! hot! HOT!

Despite the bottoms being a smidgen too short and the fact I'm not completely sure that business lace is an actual thing, I am going to give myself a grand ol' pat on the back for styling these lace shorts oh-so professionally. I may not be in the ukraine-graduation-dress ballpark yet, but one day I hope to have as good a handle on my modest, cream lace shorts as this girl does with her Lady Gaga inspired formal wear. 


  1. dang girl, you really know how to pull off lace shorts. I am impressed.

  2. Oh my goodness -this outfit is darling!

  3. Sorren!
    You look so posh! I love it :)

  4. You look so profesh! I love it. Those shorts are awesome, and they look so good with the blazer.

  5. ...I just realized that my comment kind of mimics the one below it. Oops :(

  6. You are funny...you had me fooled that lace shorts could be worn professionally.  I think this outfit looks very fresh and cute.  Great job.

  7. I have the Free People lace shorts, and I think they are perfectly appropriate.  They are easy to dress down or dress up.  I love the way you've styled them.

  8. Hi, sorry for putting this in the comments section, but I can't find your email address, lol!  I'm interesting in getting a blog design done.  Could you contact me?  Thanks

  9. Love this look! It is definitely office-y, but the lace shorts keep it fun :)

    Life Etc


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