Tuesday, July 17

Almost Business-wear

Oxford shirt [similar] | Kensie shorts [similar] | Joe Fresh loafers [similar] | bag via Biscuit [similar

When . Thursday, July 
What . Dinner out, walks
Weather . Sunny and warm.. too warm for this top

I like to think of this outfit as my almost-business outfit. My oxford shirt, is collared and oh-so professional... except for the slight boyfriend-ness, and untucked nature. My shorts are clean cut, made of non-wrinkle, suit material with a clean rolled cuff... too bad their so short. My loafers are a timeless go-to style that can be dressed up or down... although do nautical stripes in the office really work?? 

Although this outfit totally would not pass if I were in-site in Montreal, it definitely makes the cut for my work-from-home hours... I mean, it includes bottoms and we all know that's what's important.


  1. I love your comfortable, almost business-like outfit. It looks so perfectly breezy and fun!

  2. Love the loafers!  Did you purchase them recently?

  3. I did! Although, they were super on sale so I don't know how in stock they are...

  4. What a great outfit! Comfy casual!


  5. is more like a casual outfit. Love this simple outfit. 

  6. LOVE those shoes!! I always love the shoes at Joe Fresh, but I always find they're so WIDE! Ugh! jealous you can pull them off.


  7. kicking myself for hitting the schnooooze button on these shoes!!! love em' ... ;)

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