Tuesday, June 26

white & rain

Joe Fresh shirt [similar] | element white skinnies [similar] | Kenneth Cole wedges [similar] | 2Two belt [similar]

When . Saturday, June 23rd
What . Moonrise Kingdom, apartment cleaning, wedding planning
Weather . rain, muggy, cool, cloudy, rain

Want to know what one wears when June is cool, breezy and threatening rain daily? See above. I know the white jeans aren't necessarily the smartest choice when there's a chance of showers but I've got to act out somehow, and the cool breeze is really discouraging bare legs. We snapped these during a rare break in the drizzle over the weekend and even chose the location because of the coverage I would get if it started up again. I tell you, taking photos around Mother Natures mood swings is getting a little old. 

After looking at these photos I've realized, I would like new, skinnier, white skinnies. These are really more of a boot cut and that realization has totes bummed me out. I'm going to keep talking like this, pretending I'm a beach bum until the rain lets up. I think my chances are pretty good... I hear MN is not a fan of bad grammar and awkwardly shortened words.


  1. Love the light colored outfit, perfect for summer even if it is rainy!

  2. I find white paints can be really difficult to pull off, but they look fantastic on you!! :)

    xx Veronica


  3. ooh love the first photo!

    and if you have a sewing machine, its super easy to skinnify your jeans. Or, you can just buy a new pair, which is more fun :)

  4. I always seem to want to wear my jeans on rainy days... not sure why but I end up doing it anyway! They look great - cute outfit!


  5. such a fresh combo... the white with the stripes... love it... 

  6. Very cute! Beautiful together xx

  7. Thank you! This is one of those outfits I was debating whether or not to post... I'm glad I did in the end!

  8. Ooooo! I do have a sewing machine! and since I only paid 30$ for these in the first place I'm totally willing to risk my sewing skills on these babies.

  9. Where is your necklace from!! Love the white jeans! I want to find some too... haven't gotten the courage to try them on yet. I'll have to mentally prepare and just go for it :)

  10.  Great look, love your necklace !


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