Tuesday, May 15

Poise, grace and maturity

Jack by BB Dakota trench [similar] | Club Monaco blouse [similar] | Comme Toi skirt | nude pumps [similar]
Hue tights | Matt & Nat bag | polish: turquoise & caicos by essie & Urban Outfitter mauve

When . Tuesday, May 15th
What . home-offic work day
Weather . Sunny, warm & all around beautiful weather

Not going to lie, I felt very Blair Eadie-esq today while wearing this outfit*. It's not even that I think this is something that embodies her style but for some reason wearing these pieces - these colours specifically - I connected with a sense of poise that I usually attribute to her blog photos. It was a good feeling. Not only was I much less difficult in front of the camera, I wasn't shy and didn't make [too many] awful, awkward faces that ruined perfectly good photos every time a stranger walked by. That's right guys, I'm growing up - I'm maturing into a full blown blogger. Fancy that. I wonder what will be next... perhaps an enormous Michael Kors watch**?

*and yes... I did actually wear this in my home office all day. Sometimes a girl has just gotta go there, tights and all.
**I kid, I kid... although seriously, I would really like to get one.


  1. I love everything about this, you look absolutely beautiful. 

  2. It has to be difficult to write about yourself each day, defending or 

  3. LOL Yay for you!  It takes a lot of time and courage to be able to not be put off by photo shoot lurkers.  I love this look!  Very Blair esq indeed!  Love that soft pastel pink skirt!

  4. The poise shines through--it's a quiet confidence, and just lovely.  And the skirt is pretty awesome too.  :)

  5. Ahh you look so cute! I love this look. The colours are all so pretty together :)

  6. you look lovely and very confident - which is hard to do when strangers are watching :) The skirt is fabulous - i love the buttons 

  7. Love this color palate and you are definitely radiating! Also have you been hitting the gym? If not you must have some pretty sweet genetics on your hand lady Jane! love the pearl bracelet and the button detailing on the skirt! It's an all over win girlie :)


  8. I LOVE THIS SKIRT.  And dude, I feel you on the home-office sentiments.  Sometimes you do just have to go there.  That's why we have style blogs.



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