Thursday, April 12

Your Face is Far from Fine

Pink Martini dress via Sweet Pea | Club Monaco blazer | 2Two belt | Steve Madden boots
Hue tights | Necklace via Biscuit | Urban Outfitters nail polish

When . Sunday, April 8th
What . Easter dinner with Jack's family
Weather . 10cm of snow [cleverly hidden], sun, melting snow

boy-O-boy does that sum up my photo-taking experience today - it. was. not. good. Let me break it down for you: High winds, bright sun, sticky lipgloss, bystanders. These were the factors that turned me into a scrunched-face, mouth-breathing spastic nut. Luckily, between prying my hair away from my lips and realizing I hadn't opened my eyes for a minute-straight, I had an inkling it wasn't going to well and I got Jack to snap a few extra photos leaving me with a solid four useable photos.

On the plus side, if I crop my head and legs out, this dress is amazing - it may just be a new favourite! That's what you get though when you stop in to Sweet Pea Boutique - well, that [being amazing dresses] and a slightly pouty visa... but who cares!? I have a mustard yellow dress!

An example of the forces working against me.
The majority of pictures taken this day were just as sexy.


  1. ahahha love the blooper shot!! I usually have quite a few of those too!
    much love

  2. Very cute! (Well, maybe not that last about-to-sneeze shot...but mad respect for posting a blooper! I'm always too self-conscious to post my rejects. They're awful.)

  3. ...I just realized how mean my comment sounded. I didn't intend for it to be so. Sorry :(

  4. LOL so cute!  Both you and the dress!  We all have those days.  I had one yesterday . . .

  5. Hahaha I love that last picture of you.  And way to go, braving it in the elements.  

  6. Ugh, I've had these days. Still you look gorgeous. That dress is beautiful on you.

  7. haha no, not mean at all - don't you worry! I totally get it. honestly, it is tough to put it up there... especially now with pinning :S

  8. Love the dress, gorgeous colour!

  9. Such a pretty yellow dress! And I also love that necklace - lovely!


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