Thursday, April 19


BB Dakota trench (similar) | Joe Fresh breton stripe shirt (similar) | Rich&Skinny jeans (similar)
nude pumps (similar) | wooden necklace (similar) | Urban Outfitter polish (similar)

When . Friday, April 6th
What . Enjoying a good Friday. Relaxing, watching movies, dressing glitter-y
Weather . Overcast. Slightly too chilly to go sans socks.

Not too long ago I saw an OOTD post by Kristin inspired by the Glitter Guide's 5 Things to Try This Weekend It just so happened that the very day I read this post I was wearing almost* exactly the same outfit the Glitter Guide was challenging** us to wear! Obviously, I stopped everything I was doing to snap a couple of photos so that I too could glitter it up on the inter-webs.

*I was not wearing my trench in-doors at the time
**Challenging may be a bit of an exaggeration on our part considering that breton stripes & jeans are the go-to favourite of most gals I know but I am still up for it!


  1. Such a pretty trench! 


  2. My dog destroyed my nude pumps several months ago. But this post really reminds me how much I need to replace them.

  3. I am in LOVE with your coat!!

  4. Absolutely love the ruched sleeves on that gorgeous trench!

  5. It is UNREAL how well those skinnies fit you.  UNREAL (I whispered it aloud but it was a LOUD WHISPER)

  6. I love that trench. Love love love it!

  7. Love this outfit. And you have such gorgeous pieces that they make the outfit even more beautiful. Amber's right--the ways those jeans fit is unreal!

  8. the green necklace is SO GOOD here!  it gets along quite well with all the classics!

    dash dot dotty

  9. Sooo pretty! Sorry I've been a horrible blogger friend with my lack of commenting but I do stalk you nicely from my phone. I'm just rarely sitting at my computer anymore aside from my 15 minutes of blogging 3 times a week. But back to you. Love this classic trench on you and those jeans were made for you!


  10. I feel like i've already commented about how much I love this trench but either way I will say again - it is fantastic!


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