Tuesday, April 24

sensible decisions

Club Monaco sweater [similar] | James Perse tee [similar] | Rich&Skinny boyfriend jeans [similar] | nude pumps [similar] | United Colors of Benetton leather [similar] | Nine West bag [similar] | Pearls [similar] | necklace via Biscuit

When . Saturday, April 14th

What . brunch, shopping, wedding invite designing
Weather . sunny... quite sunny... a little too sunny for photos perhaps?

What's a girl to do when the season fluctuates between hot and cold so quickly it leaves her head spinning with the threat of the flu? I'll tell you what she shouldn't do. She shouldn't wear sun dresses thinking "as long as she walks on the sunny side of the street everything should work out" ...because it won't. Instead she should probably ignore that pesky weather network [they are obviously dropping the ball] and dress as though it's April. So far, this has been my most [only?] season appropriate outfit all spring; it was perfect! 

The light sweater layered over a white tee kept me warm while the pastels left me feeling spring-y. The bf jeans exposed the perfect amount of skin - just enough so I didn't feel as though I was missing out on taking advantage of a warm day, but not so much that I regretted it the minute I got in the shade. It's all about balance people, and that's exactly what this outfit offered.

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  1. I am loving youy boyfriend jeans! You look amazing Sorren! x

  2. I keep getting sucked into the inappropriate for the deceiving weather outfits too... probably the reason I keep getting sick! I love this... those boyfriend jeans look so cute with the pumps.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. I absolutely LOVE this outfit - possibly one of my favs. It's super casual but still very put together. 
    I've also had a hard time with the weather! It was so warm the last few weeks and all of a sudden we're back down to 5 degrees?! So not fair. 

  4. Looks good to me! It's awful when you wear a dress and freeze all day!

  5. It's so tricky getting dressed in the Spring in Canada!
    I always make the same mistake.. yesterday I was too warm, so I thought, I won't be too warm today! Well today was rainy and chilly.. oh well. Layers layers eh?

  6. I really love jeans & heels. This outfit is so chic. Layers are essential this time of year when the weather can fluctuate so drastically.

  7. Those are the most perfect boyfriend jeans...I love them with this outfit...and I'm sure I'd love them still with almost anything else :)

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com


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