Tuesday, April 3

Night moves

Juicy Couture tunic (similar) | American Apparel leather-ish leggings (similar) | Steve Madden boots (similar)
Matt & Nat clutch (similar) | Stella & Dot Coco La Curb Chain necklace | Joe Fresh necklace (similar)

When . Friday, March 3rd
What . A friend’s birthday celebration. Relaxed pub for drinks, then dancing.
Weather . possibly rainy, definitely cold

I hope you guys are down with this “When. What. Weather.” thing I’ve been doing. I figured since I’ll be back and forth traveling for the next little bit and digging into the outfit archives from time to time, this would help to fill in the blanks... especially since spring has sprung and the more wintery-outfits are out of place!

Not going to lie, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the perfect attire for this night. It was the mix of dancing and casual drinks that threw me off my game initially. Usually for casual drinks I’d go for the jeans/blouse/bf blazer/pumps combo however with dancing thrown in the mix, pumps were out of the question. The weather created an additional issue since I would normally default to flats which obviously would not hold up with snow and rain in the picture. So I did the only logical thing and borrowed this tunic from my friend, Ruby, grabbed my American Apparel faux leather leggings to make up for the shortness of the dress and threw on my trusted boots. And that, my friends, is how comfy dance magic is made.


  1. I DO like the when what weather feature. I've been thinking about adding the daily temperatures to my blog's daily details so people understand that it's still cold here! You look great, it's cute and totally dance-able!

  2. Looks like the perfect outfit for the night! I love your nail polish as well :)

  3. Man, I wanna borrow this tunic, too.  And I looove the when/what/weather.  Mostly because it is really difficult to stalk you from here and so it gives me a peek of what I would have experienced had I been fortunate enough to follow you around from a distance unnoticed.  

  4. Perfect outfit for going out!

  5. This is the PERFECT outfit for both casual drinks & a night out dancing - I so know what you mean, it's always hard to find that balance so you don't feel awkward and over done/under dressed for the casual part of the evening, and so that you don't feel frumpy for the latter part of the evening! You look gorg! Well done!

  6. Hot!! I love these tights! and I'm totally with Kate on this one it's all about Balance! My first go-to is always a dress, but sometimes I feel over dressed! This is a great way to achieve a little column A and a little column B.
    much love


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