Monday, April 30

Music Monday

I will be recapping the ECFB unleashed! event throughout the week however, since I was operating on very little sleep and a few too many mimosas I forgot my camera most of the weekend [and yes, I am hanging my head in shame]. In any case, I will be relying on my fellow bloggers and their extensive photo collections so I will be posting a little later this week!

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

This song is a lot of fun. I can't remember the first time I heard but I will definitely remember the last [aka Cabin in the Woods... yipes!]. I'm not sure what made me love this song right from the start. It could have been the fact that it sounded like it was written for MGMT, or maybe it made me nostalgic for skins - whatever the reason the entire album quickly found its way onto my playlist ...almost as quickly, every song other than this one found itself deleted. However, this little guy is still on repeat so I suppose they did something right!

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  1.  cute!!!


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