Tuesday, April 17

The Business of Wiener Dogs

Lush jacket [similar] | YUMI peplum wiener dress | Urban Outfitters tights [similar]
Ruche oxford pumps [similar] | 2Two belt [similar] | pearls [similar] | Matt & Nat bag

Peplum, petal collar, ruffles and WIENER DOGS all in one?! That is what my brain screamed when I saw this dress. It was when I tried it on and saw that the hemline was longer than my finger tips [you know the rule...] that I actually began to scream out loud. that. never. happens. [the length not the screaming]. 

I mean honestly, what good is a peplum, petal collared wiener dog frock if I can't wear it to the office for fear of being labeled the office hussy?? The answer is no good; no good can come of that. I mean sure, I could dress it down and wear it to brunch, or shopping or about a billion other places, but that's not the point. The point is that it's much easier to justify something bought for your work wardrobe than your personal one - so case closed; I needed this dress to earn a living.


  1. Sorren,  I'm QUITE in love with this dress, especially the way you've paired it with those two-tone oxfords of yours that I'm totally infatuated with and your patterned tights!

  2. That dress is amazing. You look really great in it. I have the same fingertip rule for my work outfits.

  3. ThesunshinedistrictApril 17, 2012 at 5:36 PM

    You sure did need this dress! It looks great on you! :) I love the title of this post... so clever :)

  4. What a frigging awesome outfit. I love the peplum, and the wiener dog print is amazing. 

  5. new follower! love the pups on the dress and loving your blog!

  6. Could that dress be any better? That answer is no. You are totally rocking it.

  7. Well aren't you just the cutest thing on God's green earth? Seriously, you look desperately adorbs. The dainty print. The peplum skirt. It's like grown-up prep school angel face. Trademark that.


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