Thursday, April 5


Mexx cardigan (similar) | Katrina Tuttle dress (similar)
Hue tights (similar) | American Apparel belt (similar) | Locale brogues (similar)

When . Saturday, March 31st
What . a day... you know the kind. Sleep in until 11am, hang in your jams until about 1 and then begrudgingly jump in the shower and pull yourself together for an afternoon americano and stroll out doors. [That's right. Major potato to full time fancy in t-0]
Weather . Sunny, cloudy, sunny, windy. 6 degrees [42.8F]

Holy smokes guys, I am tweaking. Seriously. I'm antsy, distracted, my heart is racing and I'm pretty sure I've developed a slight twitch. I have been in Montreal four days of the last two weeks and I have bought... wait for it... NOTHING. Serials! No lies. It's upsetting. I've gone gazing, spent time in stores and even tried on a couple things but I just. didn't. bite. What gives?! I want to have all the things but instead I have none of the things. Something is terribly awry. I wouldn't be surprised if I were ill. It's all so upsetting. If only I could shop away my troubles...


  1. !!! How have you been in Montreal for so long without a good shop?! You gotta go out and get yourself some retail therapy and STAT.

    Cute look, btw!

  2. This is such a cute dress! No worries, I often have it too when I go shopping, try things on but theres this feeling that holds me back from spending. 

  3. I cannot believe you haven't bought any in Montreal! It is such a great city to shop in, it has so many great boutiques! I live way North of Montreal but I love taking a stop in at the shops on my way through to visit my family in New Brunswick. 
    I hope you aren't ill and can get back to enjoying some retail bliss. 

  4. I've always wanted to go to Montreal and I hear there's great shopping there so I'm sorry you haven't found anything! Your Saturday sounds just like mine. I love your dress and tights combo. The subtle pattern mixing is divine!

    Lindsay Living

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