Tuesday, March 13

no words


Club Monaco sweater (similar) | Club Monaco blouse (similar) | JBrand coated jeans | Nine West booties (similar) | Longchamps bag

It's happened, I have been balled over with a case of writers block. It came out of no where and it's hit me hard. I have attempted three different times to write today's post but just cannot make it happen.

Perhaps I have ennui?? I hope I have ennui; it would be so much more wonderfully poised and romantic if I did. I have been quite busy lately and rely on lovely folks like Rory Gilmore, Mr. Monk, Mary Crawley to help relieve the insanity that is my brain in my down time. It only makes sense that the constant stop and go has come full circle and left me with a case of ennui. le sigh.


  1. Eh it happens to the best of us girl.  Love those pants!

  2. Are you sure you have ennui? Usually minty green nail polish combats that pretty well!

  3. monk, lady mary, and rory are all on my list of favorites, so they should definitely help you out. :)  in the mean time, you can just continue to wear those amazing pants.  

  4. Such a cute bow blouse!
    xo jac

  5. So I totally love your black bow blouse under this sweater.
    I haven't seen any Gilmore girls for a while now, it STILL isn't on Netflix instant view. I may have to cave in and start collecting the DVD sets.

  6. I continue loving your jeans. I love this bow blouse.

    Good luck with your writers block, my love. All will be well. <3

  7. Rory Gilmore, Mr. Monk and Mary Crawley are great ways to decompress from a busy period. Those jeans are so fab because of their unique color and texture.  They look great with your sweater and blouse.

  8. What a cute bowtie, and those pants look fantastic on you.


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