Monday, March 12

Mish-mash Monday

This weekend I participated in my first ever cash mob organized by yelp Halifax's Community Manager, Ben Boudreau. Up until 10 days ago I didn't know what a cash mob was. Now, not only do I know - I have a pretty little leaf necklace to commemorate participating in one! If your city organizes one, I suggest participating; attacking people with cash is fun.

1. Love, me Boutique: the unsuspecting business who got mobbed.
2. Ruby and I waiting for our turn to mob, photo taken by Michelle Doucette.
3. The mob, estimated at approx. 100 people.
4. The one that got away! Little harmonica, if only you were slightly less little...
5. A new leaf to add to my collection.
6. Celebrating our hard work with lemon zinger cupcakes at Susie's Shortbread afterwards.


  1. HOw fun! I'm going to figure out how to join one! 

  2. that sounds awesome! Pretty pretty necklace!


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