Thursday, March 29

Homeless Ghost


American Apparel chiffon blouse (similar) | Smart Set tank | element skinny jeans (similar) | nude pumps (similar)
Nine West bag | Coil bracelet (similar) | Essie nail polish | Stella&Dot La Coco Curb chain necklace

When: Friday, March 23rd
What: Friday hooky - slash my day-off and Jack's head cold - lunch date, wedding errands and napping
Weather: Sunny, warm - but not the warmest [I layered my trusty leather coat over top after a while]

Don't even ask me where the title comes from today or what it's relevance is to this post - I have NO idea. I'm pretty sure it's a quote from one of the many TV shows I've been watching and that at the time I heard it I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Out of context, it's still pretty funny, although that may just be the sleep deprivation talking - who knows. But that's what you get when you try to blog on the road; pretty outfits from days past, nonsensical titles and rambling paragraphs.

What you need to take from this?? I am...
a. super tired
b. currently very hungry [awaiting the office dinner event]
c. apparently obsessed with nude shoes, coral and mint.


  1. LOVE this outfit! I might have to use it as inspiration for warmer weather :) 

  2. Oh dear girl.  This blouse is splendid.  I LOVE this outfit on you.  Have fun at your dinner and for goodness sakes, get some sleep!

  3. I love the coral and mint, they are so fresh and complimentary.

    P.S. "Homeless Ghost" was something they said on New Girl two weeks ago about someone's credit score ;) yes, I am a TV nerd

  4. It was in regards to Nick's incredibly, stupid low credit score.

  5. By the time I saw your perfect spring outfit I had completely forgotten about the post title.  But now that you mention's so sad it's funny.

  6. Haha you're so cute. Like funny and cute and all that other perfect ish. And I love your outfit. Yep. Duh. Mmm hmmm.

  7. I'm back to say how embarrassingly stupid I sound in that comment. But I meant everything I said. Even "Yep. Duh. Mmm hmmm."

  8. This outfit is perfect! You look supa' sexy.

  9. YES!! Thank you to both of you! That's exactly what it was and it's just as funny as I thought!

  10. Jasmine Brink-LiApril 2, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    I am currently obsessed with those three things as well. I love it!

  11. That blouse is such a lovely colour!

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