Tuesday, March 27

Outfits from another day

H&M polka dot top (similar-ish) | Kensie shorts (similar) | Nine West booties (similar)
Coil bracelet (similar

When: Sunday March 25th
What: Sunday fun [breakfast, naps, hunger games, packing]
Weather: Sunny and oh-so cold. Thanks a lot, MN.

I’m in Montreal for the week meeting new coworkers and getting trained up for my new position. I’m only into my second night here and it’s already been a fantastic trip [minus the early morning flight and hostage situation with my hair brush]. All my new coworkers are very nice, and I’m currently attempting to swim through this deep-end [there may be a GIANT binder involved]. I’ve also been able to squeeze in a bunch of sister time  – which is always, always awesome – and spent last night with Kiri getting manicures, apartment shopping slash creepily staring into nice apartments hoping the nice people will move out so I can move in, and dining at Marche 27 a tartare bar, otherwise known as “Sorren’s Dream Restaurant”.

Tomorrow I’ll be off to Toronto to meet the Marketing team there, get some more training, attend some meetings and then cap off the week Friday with the Air Miles 20th Anniversary Event [I know, right? Excellent timing on my part!].

Next time I have one of these trips I will definitely have to get some guest bloggers up on here – stay posted!


  1. Yay! Love the subtle pattern mixing in this outfit. And I'm glad you're enjoying yourself! I can imagine all the travelling is tiring though. 

  2. Love the pattern mixture! You look great. Congrats on the new job. I'm happy to hear it's going well!

  3. Love the outfit as always, and I'm super late in congratulating you on your new job!!! Wait, is your sister in Montreal too? That's super awesome if that's the case. And when is the wedding again? So much going on in your life! Congrats again!!

  4. I love tights with shorts ~ a great way to make shorts last all year round. And I love the top too!

  5. That top is very cute.  H&M always seems to have cute polka dotted and striped things.

  6. What a great look!  I LOVE the blouse and tights.  And I am so glad that you got some sister time.  I love my sister!

  7. I hope your trip continues to be amazing! 
    On a fashion note, love the boots.

  8. Sister time is seriously the best and it always seems to be toe few and far between!

  9. I KNOW!! I totally fell head over heels for this one, and the red and navy are just perfect.

  10. SO true! I love shorts all year round... I just need to wear them more.

  11. Awww THANKS!!! and you're not too late at all! Daily blog reading is tough, I like to do mine in batches.

    My sister does live in Montreal and my brother and other sister live two hours from there so it will be fantastic once we make the move!

    Our wedding is going to be August 18th which is far enough away that I can breathe but close enough that it's approaching WAYYY too quickly and I need to start getting things done!


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