Tuesday, February 28

Winter Storm-wear

Miss Sixty coat (similar) | Firefly hat (similar) | American Apparel leggings (similar) | Hunter boots | Hunter fleece liners (similar)

In honour of what will hopefully be [fingers crossed!] our last snow storm, here's a little peek at what I've been sporting out-of-doors all winter long. When it gets as cold as it does here in Halifax, you need to create a little collection of coats that help transition you season to season. This collection of coats needs to be built of cute little numbers that help remind people that you are likely wearing something stylish underneath. Something that you put a bunch of thought into styling, that gets so unfairly buried under the layers of winter. As important as the style factor is, this collection also needs a practical option; something that will stand up against the wet snow and bone-chilling wind. 

Luckily for me, I stumbled upon this coat which does both. I was in-between meetings in January and popped into a thrift store to pass the time. Naturally, I headed straight for the coats where I saw a BRAND NEW Miss Sixty, down-filled coat. No lie. And guess what? It was 65$ - at 50% OFF! For REALS! I got this coat for 35$, taxes in! The only downside is the lack of a hood [seriously, what were those people thinking?], but I can totally suck it up for the price I paid. Plus, the lack of a hood created the perfect opportunity to accessorize with adorable hat[s] [I'm fancy and own more than one... two to be exact] and my go-to Hunters.


  1. I am always on the look-out for a winter coat with a hood. They seem to be very rare! And those sool hats always seem to make my hair static, haha. I love your coat, such a steal! great find ;) xo Nikki

  2. WOW Sorren you are certainly dressed for the cold and look so good wearing your thick Tights and fleecy lined Wellingtons.

  3. those hunter boots are awesome, I have never seen those liners before ... they are great as well!

  4. hello there! i just found your blog, and it is lovely! that jacket is an incredible find!!!! i love thrifting :) we need spring to get here! 


  5. You look so cute! Great find on the jacket, but personally I couldn't do without a hood... (I seriously dislike hats on myself :P)

  6. These are the fleece liners I want! Someone gave me the leopard ones as a birthday gift, but I was secretly hoping for the cable knit! ;)

    More importantly, this coat is adorable. I am trying to get over my recent wishes that I could experience a "real" winter. Anyway, I've never seen anyone look quite so adorable while freezing their behind off!

  7. Such a great find! Kind of sad we have no real need for coats here in Phx...esp with the 80 weather that's been hitting us lately
    xo Jac

  8. Haha, I have a very similar coat in black that I got as a gift, and though I love the collar, I am like WHERE YOU AT, HOOD? Don't know how I have never paired it with an adorable beanie before but that is what the magic of the blogosphere is here for!

  9. Sooooo cute, Sorren.  And THRIFTED?  That just fills my heart with warm fuzzies.

  10. I know, right!? The lack of a freakin hood is a stumper.

  11. How have I never noticed you look like Taylor Swift? PS I need one of those coats!


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