Tuesday, February 21


American Apparel sweater | Club Monaco skirt | Hue tights | Nine West peep toes | Matt & Nat bag


I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday dinner a couple weekends back and I must say, the only downside is I'm still not sure if I should have chosen these peep toes over my black booties. That, and the fact that winter is quickly dwindling and I may not have much more time to wear this outfit on repeat! Honestly, i think I may have found the perfect outfit. A pretty skirt, fancy heels, fun tights, AND to top it off, a slouchy, comfy sweater!??! Heaven, I tell you. Especially since lately I've been completely stumped on how to style my top half. With this outfit, I don't even have to deal with that shirt nonsense. I just got to by-pass the entire ordeal and go with a more comfortable option - complete win-win. The other amazing thing about a slouchy sweater (besides the warmth) is that it hides your food baby, and after saganaki, moussaka, salad and cupcakes, you can bet I was into my third trimester... I may have even begun thinking up baby names. What`s everybody think of Jeremy? Jeremy the food baby, I think it's got a nice ring to it.


  1. I think these heels are absolutely perfect with it, without having seen the black booties ;-)

  2. I love the heels, especially with the ankle strap- adorable. If I wasn't moving to Florida, I'd head over to AA right now and get that sweater! It looks so warm and comfy!

  3. You look so cute! I love those heels of your!

  4. that sweater is fabulous! It looks great with anything you pair it with!

  5. love the skirt. with you 100% slouchy sweaters = heaven! and i think jeremy is a good name, lol


  6. I love short skirts + slouchy sweaters The fancy purple is really nice.
    Since it's not a REAL baby I would go for a much fancier name, like Eustace or Cornelius. 


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