Monday, February 6

Polka Stripes


Striped Banana Republic sweater (similar) | Katrina Tuttle polka dot dress (similar) | Hue tights |
Steve Madden boots (similar)

I don't know about you guys, but holy moly that weekend was short and I'm not talking Little People, Big World short, I'm talking Antz short. I can never tell whether a weekend feels longer when you laze about and take it easy, or if it's when you pack as much in as humanly possible. What I do know is, when you stay up until 3:30am Saturday night because "you're having tons of fun and haven't done this in a while" and then you go out to an awesome show Sunday night with awesome friends, put on by some guy who apparently do not recognize from a hole in the wall, it won't matter if you're home by 11pm because the damage will have already been done. You are in the Monday danger zone. At this point, all I have left to hope for is an early dinner and a food coma that knocks me into Friday.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, despite the way late nights :) Loving the pattern mixing!
    xo Jac


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