Monday, February 13


With spring around the corner I’ve been bitten with the bug of change. Fresh start, new-lease-on-life kind of thing and obviously, this bitty blog isn’t going to be left behind. So, the other night I got to thinking, how could I freshen up my blog? 

Clearly a redesign is the forerunner to accomplishing this, but since this design is still fairly recent I didn’t want to toss it out with complete disregard for other possibilities. For inspiration I began considering how I’ve changed, and how my blogging habits have changed, over the past year.

  • My life has gotten A LOT busier – I’ve switched jobs, have many more hobbies and have made an effort to be more social (ahhh yes, poor hermit sorren is waiting in the wings for her time to dominate once again) i.e. I have less time to blog.
  • I have less time to take outfit photos – This is for two reasons; 1. It’s winter here so daylight is at a minimum and my apartment lighting isn’t the best. 2. My new position has me across the city from Jack rather than 5 minutes, and although I could become a self-photographing whiz like these lovely ladies (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) I have a strict “no photos near work” commitment that nixes this option.
  • Style burnout – I feel as though the quality of the outfit I post has suffered. As much as I love personal style blogging – and I do, it’s just fun – it’s exhausting to do it every day. You start to criticize yourself for not be creative enough. You get it in your head that you always need new pieces to put together anything worth seeing. 
  • There’s more I’d like to blog about – I love food. I love music. I love local. I love design. I love pinterest. I’m planning a wedding. I have hobbies. I like sharing reviews. There’s tons out there to talk about, and since I apparently can’t focus – I want to talk about it all!

These changes highlighted a couple of things; mainly that I need a focused, achievable editorial calendar (which I’m working on now). I also realized that I wanted to hear your feedback, find out what you would like to see. Things you like about my blog and things that you aren’t the fondest of. I’ve always been interested to know these things and now I find myself willing to ask. Whatever you can think of - I'd like to know!

You can leave a comment below, email me, complete my survey or do a combo of those things. I made the survey to highlight the specific things I wanted to know and so you could answer anonymously. 

Although I will admit that I intend to remain true to myself, there is always room for improvement and I would love to hear it all - so lay it on me.

*Obviously comments made in an attempt to be malicious will be ignored but everything else is welcome and will be considered!


  1. Oh, the feeling of wanting to talk about everything. But never having enough time to go into the topics that deserve a good, long post. Don't I know it :-)

  2. Aside from enjoying your awesome outfit posts, I like your recipes, and as a bride-to-be I also like reading about your wedding plans :)

  3. just did the survey :) I am happy to hear you say that you are branching out or wanting to anyway, that is good to hear :)

  4. I love it when bloggers expand to cover more than one topic. Your mix of music, outfits, food and occasional wedding posts are a great blend!

    Doing the survey now... :)

  5. I fell in love with your style when you first started blogging and after getting to know you over the last year, I know I will always be a follower no matter what you blog about. I'm glad to hear that you're going to be branching out into other topics... i am a big fan of cooking and music!! Plus, I am going through a bit of wedding fever these days with a bunch of my friends getting married this year so I can't wait to read about your wedding planning too!!

  6. Ok first of all, did you make the "edit" graphic because it is awesome. ?!?  SECOND, I just think you have a fantastic blogpersonality and that you shouldn't worry and do whatever you want.  But I am fiercely independent to the point of fault so maybe ignore me.  Especially b/c my advice is to do what you want and ignore other people like me.


  7. THANK YOUUUU!! now that I know I will have AT LEAST one reader - NO MATTER what - I will begin posting about my true passion: the mating habit of bumblebees and their relation to the end-of-day.

    In other news, I DID make the edit graphic. As you may have seen with my V-Day graphic I have recently become obsessed with clipping masks

  8. You are amazing. This comment made me so happy! I definitely have love for you too :)
    I'm so glad you enjoy the cooking and music! I love sharing the music and bands that I'm listening to so it's great to know that at least one person is down for it!

  9. You are amazing. This comment made me so happy! I definitely have love for you too :)
    I'm so glad you enjoy the cooking and music! I love sharing the music and bands that I'm listening to so it's great to know that at least one person is down for it!


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