Monday, January 9

Weekends are for Working

Happy Monday, all! 
How were your weekends?
Mine was pretty great. 

I spent a bunch of time watching my newish obsession, Friday Night Lights
which is AWESOME! I seriously have no idea why it took me so long to watch it!
I've never really cared for football (or any sports) before this and now, now I'm addicted.
I love football. I love the energy, the excitement and the game... 
and Coach Taylor. I can't help it. His morals and work ethic are sexy.

Other than catching up on my TV, I spent the rest of the weekend holed-up hermit-style
working on my Film5, Phase 2 submission. It's intense.
I spent Saturday working almost exclusively on the budget. No lie. 
That thing is a slave driver. It is 37 pages of hell.
Sunday was slightly better, spent working on the formatting, financial structure, 
marketing plan, my letter of intent and my producers notes.
Even though I spent my weekend working and I do not feel rested in any way, shape or form,
the feeling of achievement and satisfaction is well-worth it.
...kind of ...I really could go for a nap and a sweat-pants party


  1. Hi Sorren, you look cool wearing your ribbed Tights and Wellingtons and your Welly Socks are really funky.

  2. Those boots look like a sweat-pant party in and of themselves! Soooo cute and SO comfy.
    Congrats on getting so much done on your film submission. How exciting!

    Ooh, my boys, hubby, and I were extras in the stands on Friday Night Lights when they first started filming years ago in Pflugerville. If I haven't spoiled anything, look in the stands up by the banner, when the local town hero gets in the ambulance!


  3. Sounds like a relaxing weekend to me! Friday night lights is a great show. :) 

    Happy Monday!

  4. Is this a dress under a sweater? Or a skirt. I just recently discovered that I could turn dresses into skirts for the winter.. and I really like it hehe! 

  5. It's a dress! you totally should, making dresses into skirts is my favourite thing to do!!

  6. I did twice already ;) My next outfit post is exactly it. ^^

  7. I loooove your sweater! So adorable! Excellent matching skills friend!

  8. So cute how you've styled these Hunter boots with your outfit. A pair of Hunters are a main priority on my wishlist for this spring! The major challenge is choosing the right colour...


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