Tuesday, January 3

New Year's Eve Stylin

This is what I wore for New Year's Eve this year!

It is also what I wore for NYE 2010, however Jack & I were hermits last year 
and stayed in making a big fancy dinner so I figured no one had seen it and it was fair game.

I know it's not your usual, sparkle and shine NYE get-up
but I just love it. 
I love how the soft pink contrasts the winter norm,
and how the light layers create a romantic, airy feeling.
I also loved pairing this super feminine piece with edgy MK cage shoes.
The only thing I would tweak in this outfit would be the tights.
Up close, these are a light gold with a soft shimmer.
On film, they make my legs look bare and pale.
But hey, everyone loves a porcelain doll, right?
No? It's not 1923?
Weird. Too bad for me.

What did you all do to celebrate 2012??
Jack and I ended up at our friends' house for a potluck and party!
We had planned on going to see Sloan but chickened out because of 
the ticket prices and rain and I am so glad we did, because I had a fantastic time!
We ate great food, drank great drinks and I finally got to mix up a couple French75s.
Sounds delicious, looks delicious however, I may have forgotten I'm iffy about champagne.
I mean it's all good for a cheers and a sip, but I tend to have a tough time when it's my main go-to.

I have yet to settle on any 2012 resolutions, how are you all faring?


  1. Ha, it's true, I did think you were bare legged at first but that is a probably a projection on my part considering my legs actually are exactly that noncolor.  I really dig this outfit for NYE!  Perfect mix of romantic and edgy (I watched a lot of Project Runway reruns over the weekend...)

  2. The soft pink is very pretty.  I thought you had bare legs, but that is probably because I live in a cold climate so I am actually really pale right now (especially my legs)!

  3. The dress is so pretty on you! I'm a sucker for light pink shades! I have the same New Year's resolutions as I did last year which means I broke them so here's hoping I'm back on track and can actually follow through in 2012! (Finger crossed.)

  4. This dress is gorgeous the color looks great on you. I really like the light colored tights too, they sound like they'd be real pretty in person. We ended up heading out for a night of fantastic dancing on NYE. Champagne has the opposite effect on me, I always forget that it has actual alcohol in it, and I drink three glasses before I even think about it.

  5. You look seriously FANTASTIC in that dress...so pretty. Even if your legs are pale :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  6. Ang - Love at First ShoeJanuary 4, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    You look so fab in this dress!! Happy happy new year!!!!!

  7. I love this dress! I wish I could see the tights up close... they sound like a perfect match with the dress!


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