Monday, December 5

Why so silent?

MEXX Cardigan | lovelygirl shirt | Rich&Skinny jeans | Rocket Dog shoes

Sorry, guys. I've got very few words today.
My Christmas Party was Friday night.
Saturday night was full of tree decorating and Christmas movies:
Elf, Scrooged, Four Christmases and the Ref.
And Sunday I caught up on some design work I've been needing to do.

So basically I'm brain dead from busy-ness, exhaustion and TV.
Hope you are too. A little bit of stund-ness always helps to numb the Monday blues.


  1. I love The Ref! Love these muted colors on you - very pretty :)

  2. I haven't seen the Ref, but I like your other three movie choices.

  3. Ohh, it was the first time I saw it! It's fantastic. This couple fights non-stop (Kevin Spacey is the husband) and then Denis Leary holds them hostage (on Chritsmas Eve) and they drive him insane.

  4. Those booties are awesome :)
    xo Jac


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