Tuesday, December 6


American Apparel sweater | D.E.P.T. sweater skirt | Hue yellow tights | Steve Madden boots

I wore this out over the weekend when I met up with a few friends for some casual drinks at a pub.
Truth be told, I am in love with both the sweater and the sweater skirt 
and have probably been working them over time but I honestly can't help it.
Don't you ever stumble upon a piece of clothing that is so perfect and effortless,
in every way, that you can't help but favour it?
You can't help but wear it day in and day out.
Styling it in different ways each time to try and keep it fresh and looking new.
Spilling some tea on it one day, but drying it off and wearing it again.
Rolling the sleeves up to cuff a dress shirt on a warmer day, 
causing you to inevitably stretch the sleeves and style around it.
Considering washing it to get the shape back, but lazily dropping the idea once
your Sunday night HBO and AMC line up start.
Spilling some coffee on it, waiting for it to soak in
and resorting to giving it a perfume bath in an effort to mask the smell 
and avoid surrendering it to the laundry and drawn out drying process.
And finally, when it's all stretched two sizes too big, and smells like an axe body spray commercial
(because that's what axe is, isn't it? layers and layers of perfume and food?)
you wear it one last time for a quick trip to the grocery store,
where the elderly lady stationed at the Christmas donation booth 
gives you the stank eye because she knows.
And you know.
And it's embarrassing.
So you finally go home and wash the damn thing,
so the cycle of love can begin again.

Know what I'm talking about?

Note: After seeing the photos, I swapped these boots for my black ones.


  1. You have just described the American Apparel boyfriend sweatshirt that's on my body at the moment.  Sheepish grin.  I think you shamed me into washing it.

    LOVE the skirt!

  2. I gotta embrase my colored tights more often! Love the outfit!


  3. Haha, I can totally relate Sorren. So don't worry, you are not alone ;)

    I do love your sweater skirt, plus the colour of those tights!

  4. Great skirt! 
    I soooo know what you mean. I have a hard time throwing my favourite things in the laundry just because I know how long it takes me to get around to washing the stuff... That sounds horrible... it's really not that bad... Promise... 

  5. Loving this sweater skirt!  I have this kind of attachments with some of my clothes and it is a great testiment that the purchase was worthwhile. 

  6. If I had this outfit I would do the same thing!

  7. ha ha I love your outfit, especially the skirt! and it goes so well with your boots. And yes, I tend to favour clothing ; )

  8. great combination! I'm loving the knit on knit... you wouldn't think that it works, but it totally does!

  9. You are too funny :) Yes, I admit it. I do it too. ;)
    xo Jac

  10. That is such a cute outfit!  I bought my wife a similar skirt last winter, and the yellow tights as well.  She looked at me as if I had three eyes and demanded that I return the entire lot...  =;(

  11. You look fantastic, I am so smitten with that skirt ;)

    No wonder it takes all the hassle for you to wash it, I wouldn't want to part with it for even a moment.


  12. Great outfit! I love your yellow tights!


  13. Hahaha...love the sweater ensemble. And that is EXACTLY how I imagine Axe to smell. Ew :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  14. Jess {The In-Between}December 13, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    I'm digging this sweater skirt..my friend was talking about the one the other day but I couldn't pictyure it..now I get it and I like it.


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