Friday, December 9

Comfy Cozy Hussy

hmmm, anyone else notice how SHORT this is??
I obviously did not notice before leaving my house or else 
I would have done something about it.
I'm practically a hussy dressing in heavy wool.
Not the most common hussy, but a hussy none the less.
I swear this dress wasn't always so short.
I washed it recently so I'm guessing in may have shrunk...
looks like it may be better to NOT wash your clothes after all.

But I digress. Apart from the EXTREME shortness of the dress top,
I am a fan of the look.
I love the variations of grey, paired with the white and black.
I also love how all the fabric is heavy, warm and obviously cozy.
I think I may take some time this weekend to stretch this dress and make it long again.
This way, I'll be able to wear it again without worrying about 
the fine folks of Halifax getting a little peep show of my sweater-tight seams.


  1. Great look. I like the white tights and the monochrome of the outfit :)

  2. I really love that "dress" with those boots! And yes, a little on the short side, but the opaque tights help your case.. you're fine!

  3. I have a wool jumper I did the same thing too. Now it's a 'tunic'. This looks great though. the collar & buttons are adorable.

  4. Love the title, certainly made me chuckle! This is a really nice combo and your tights look sooo cosy!

  5. My rule is, if my butt and hoo-hah are covered, I'm probably okay. Looks like you passed, haha. The tights definitely help reduce the scandal level too...though I could definitely envision this as a shirt now, haha!

  6. This look is super cute!
    xo Jac

  7. It's still super cute! I love the sweater and tights look. I feel your pain, though. Us 5'9" ladies gotta look out for each other whenever we lean too far into the borderline top/tunic territory. It happens to the best of us. I blame the dryer. ;)

  8. You're so daring with your light tights. My chunky legs can only handle slimming black tights, but your legs look so lovely in every colour tights. And I don't think the sweater is too short but even if you think it is, trust me you still look amaaaazing in it (yes, I am hitting on you).


  9. Love this look. It may be short, but you totally make it work!

  10. "I'm practically a hussy dressing in heavy wool" - you always manage to crack me up. I don't think hussy and wool have ever been used in the same sentence before ;)



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