Tuesday, December 20

Brown, Black and Grey

Being employed again comes with a bunch of cool perks.
Likkkke a paycheque, fancy new post-its and a daily purpose, 
you know, besides re-watching Arrested Development and Party Down in their entirety.
It also allows me to get all dolled up office-style and break out the more conservative pieces
that I've been recently ignoring.
In all honesty I haven't actually gone full-business yet, 
but have instead been walking the tightrope of business casual, with a hint of fun tossed in
(I'm not fully ready to say goodbye to the style I grew accustomed to while unemployed).
Luckily, my office is not at all stodgy and (as far as I know), there have been no complaints.

For example, today the idea of heels nearly made me want to give up on life. 
So instead, I grabbed these flats boots, a little black, brown, grey and threw together this little ditty.
I don't know about you guys but I have really been enjoying the grey/brown, black/brown combo.
I know it's sometimes frowned upon, but quite frankly I do not care.
I definitely think it can work.
My only issue with this outfit is my go-to, structured t-shirt dress is beginning to fade 
making the whole thing a little less sharp than I'm comfortable with.
Looks like I've got a little shopping mission for the new year...


  1. Huzzah for your outfit, and three cheers for a shopping trip!

  2. Hehe... I was always told that you could't wear brown and black together from my grandmother (an otherwise very fashion forward lady) but I never could agree! I love this outfit!

  3. This is a really nice outfit, I particularly like your cardigan! I didn't realise you had started to your new job already, I hope your enjoying it!

  4. This the exact kind of outfit I wear most days at work! Casual but still clean and pulled together. Perfect for a laid-back office :)

    Also, we might be blog twins. Examples: I love fancy new post-its and I recently watched all of Party Down and am currently working my way through every ep of Arrested Development. Get outta my head!!! (Just kidding, I like having twinsies, haha)

  5. Jess {The In-Between}December 20, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    I am fortunate to get to be business casual as well. My outfits often mirror what you have on. Love the cardi.

  6. I am really digging the boots. I think this outfit is perfectly acceptable for the office.  You look great and I love those fun stripes on your cardigan!

  7. Ang - Love at First ShoeDecember 20, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    LOVE this outfit. Those tights are too cute!

  8. I like this look, I have those same days where the idea of putting on heels make me want to quit my job. I think you can really rock the black, grey and brown look. This combo is really cute.

  9. I love the neutrals together.  You look amazing!  And I know what you mean about trying to reconcile your style with work-wear.  It took me a while to figure that one out but I think I've succeeded and evolved at the same time.  Looking forward to your transition!

  10. I think you look great and perfectly presentable for work. Business casual is overrated. I walk a fine line. On days that I have important meetings and whatnot, I dress up more. Otherwise, it's flat boot and comfy clothes that aren't jeans.


  11. I'll admit, I too experiment with the more casual side of business casual. Of course, wearing appropriate clothing that covers all your bits appropriate is the most first, most important rule. I spend my day sitting on the floor with children and climbing under desks so my work as an OT often does allows for a little flexibility in the term "business casual". I love this colour combination you've got going on in this outfit!


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