Friday, November 18

We Made It!

Some weekend outfit inspiration. I wore this to a punk rock show a little while ago. Yeah, I'm kinda tough.

Pat yourself on the back - you deserve it!
How amazing is this?! We've all made it to Friday!
Crazy how that works huh?
Every once in a while you come across a week that is so jam-packed 
you forget that it's possible - but no matter what's inbetween a week must eventually end.
Three cheers for physics!

I hope everyone's got some relaxing and exciting plans for the weekend ahead.
Mine will be more relaxing than the last two, however still pretty stuffed with fluff.
Tomorrow, Jack and I will spend some time finessing the script again - rewrites are due Monday -
and hopefully, cleaning our apartment (he is currently blissfully unaware of this goal).
Then Saturday night we have a Masterclass screening from 7pm until 10 or so,
followed by a masterclass workshop all day Sunday.

Don't worry too much about my sanity though, I've got next weekend off
and boy-oh-boy am I planning on becoming some sort of butterfly potato 
[butterfly potato (adj.): the combination of social butterfly status 
with extreme couch-potato-ing skills during down-time].
It's going to be fun for all ages!


  1. I'm so glad this week is over! I' taking your advice and patting myself on the back as we speak! I'll be working a lot over the week-end but just the thought of sleeping in makes me want to cry a little. Plus I'm seeing Breaking Dawn tonight. Yes, I'm that girl. The one that loves ALL movies (that's how I'm rationalizing it anyways!!).

    Have fun at your workshops!

    Virginie ♥

  2. Amen to that sister!  I like your thinking!  I also love your yellow top!

  3. Your hair looks purdy.

    And my week was oddly busy too. Between sleeping and sleeping I had NO time. Haha actually no it was surprisingly busy with fun fashion (shopping) events... But one of the events had macaroons and the other had candy so I gave up some sleep for them.

    Oh right, this comment was about your outfit. You look badass in this! I love how the yellow softens it a bit but it's still rockstar.



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