Friday, November 25


Not sure if you all have been paying attention over to what's been going on over at Verbal Melange but, 
as you may or may not have noticed, 
we've got ourselves a little international blog swap going on here. 
Yeah, it's true. 
No big deal or anything, just a bunch of girls who love clothes, 
and the clothes who love them right back, having a fancy, good time.

 I was super lucky because not only did I get paired with Sydney, of Take Me for a Twirl,
she sent me the EXACT shirt I was hoping she would.
Seriously, this time of year truly is magical.
I dreamed up a million ways to style this blouse, 
with each outfit progressively more complicated than the last,
and then settled on my first, most simple styling of the piece. Obviously.
In any case, I loved it. It was dressy, yet comfortable; colourful yet subtle; flowy yet fitted;
an all around fantastic piece. 

Check out how Sydney has styled this blouse here,
how she styled my shirt here,
and take a peek at all the other girls who swapped their pieces across country and borders.
Alisha  |  Emily  |  Kelly  |  Joelle Joanne  |  Emma


  1. Ok, I can't get over how sleek and gorgeous this outfit is! 

  2. Aww thanks! I'm glad you like it. I felt super fancy dressed in it.

  3. Loving that color on you!! You look so chic and skinny! :) Great swap. 

  4. Great swap! That shirt looks great on you! love the color!

  5. I love your blouse! And your heels, oh those heels! An international clothing swap? Such a great idea!!

  6. ahhh it looks SO good! Love the half tucked in look, I might be stealing that...

  7. This looks so great on you! Glad you guys enjoyed the swap :) And thanks for the shoutout!


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