Tuesday, November 22

Sock Buns & Oxfords

Joe Fresh sweater | Talula oxford | Rich&Skinny jeans (similar) | Ruche oxford | sockbun

Yesterday I showcased how to create your sock bun, today I show you how I styled mine.
As I said in my previous post, I find myself partial to pairing this bun with more formal attire.
However since it was daytime and the opera was all sold out, I went preppy. 
I have to admit, I really enjoyed the outfit. 
I loved how the pumps looked with the ankle jeans, and the sweater with the oxford.
It was warm, casual and pulled together all at once.
Full disclosure?
I was not a fan of the bun.
I like it in theory.
I like it when I imagine it styled formally.
I think I'd like it better if I still had my blunt bangs.
I just did not like it with this outfit.
It may be my own fault.
It may have something to do with the fact that I'm growing out my bangs
and I can't figure out how to manage them. 
Yeah, I can admit it
Or maybe I'm just having some sort of crazy day.
In any case, I'm saving my next test run for evening wear.


  1. of course we both have the exact same sweater! you look awesome, great idea to pair it with a blue oxford

  2. I, for one, love the bun. Especially with this prep-tastic outfit you're sporting.

  3. You might not like it, but I love your whole look!  

  4. I keep hearing about the sock bun and have been too chicken to try it myself.  I think it looks great here, personally. I love your shoes!  Too cute!

  5. Holy cow, I LOVE it!  Especially how you used a side-ish part, instead of just pulling your hair straight back.  And with the classic preppy look, it's just ridiculously adorable.  And flattering for your face shape.

    Loving the denim/oxford blues here, too!

  6. I love it! You look great with the bun, and I think it goes nicely with the outfit. But an "evening" outfit would look super pretty with it too :)

  7. I like the sock bun with this outfit! 
    Also, I just bought a sweater really similar to yours and might have to style it the same way you did. I wonder where my blue dress shirt is hiding...

  8. I gotta say I think the sock bun is actually pretty awesome. I think it goes really well with outfit. I think you should wait a couple more days and come back to these photos. I think you'll really like it then.

  9. I seriously love this outfit! So into the preppy look with funky oxfords :) And I think your bun looks awesome with this outfit!
    xo Jac

  10. Ah yes, Sorren and blunt bangs, THOSE were the days...  ;)  I really like it with the menswear inspired outfit, actually.  Tres chic (I am annoying everyone with my faux French all day today thanks to you, btw)

  11. I love this whole outfit! I think the sock bun looks great on you, but I feel the same way about myself when I try to do one. 

  12. Really looking forward to my hair being long enough to do this! I wonder if you'd like it more if you tried it with your bangs down, or with the bun higher/lower on your head - have you tried?

  13. I may try this sock bun thing now... hmmm...
    Also, love seeing Joe Fresh because I know immediately someone is Canadian and I get warm thoughts...haha. Go Canada!
    You look right pretty in these pictures!

  14. So lovely! I keep seeing the sock bun and keep being wowed by the results. Plus, the sky-blue and cream color combo is kind of my favorite ever.


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