Friday, November 11

Rainy Workhorse

Guys, it is raining buckets.
It is kind of nuts. Yesterday, it was GORGEOUS and warm
Now? Now, it's like the ocean was picked up above the earth and dumped upside-down,
in all it's hair-ruining, light-stunting glory. 
Rough stuff, I tell ya... 
although I suppose it helps when there's work to be done.

Today was a busy one, and being confined indoors sure helped me keep focus.
Remember that grant I mentioned -the one Jack and I were working on a while back?
Well! We got it - sort of... mostly?
We were accepted into Phase 1 of the program (Film5)
and now must compete, with seven other teams, to be accepted into Phase 2! 
We spent last weekend in the screenwriter's intensive workshop
and took today to go over the notes and create a new beat sheet.
It was a blast slash exhausting, but good.
Jack, as writer/director, now gets to spend some time doing re-writes.
Don't worry though, Jack won't be the only one hard at work. 
I am gearing up for a two-day, producers workshop.

Anyone else going to be working this weekend?


  1. Congrats on sort of mostly getting your grant! ;)
    Looove your sweater skirt!

  2. Two things: first of all, CONGRATS on this exciting Phase One business! I'll be wishing you luck... And second of all, that skirt is so fabulous and looks so cuddly that I can't decide whether to wear it to work or to sleep in. I'm pretty sure it would look great in either place.

  3. Congrats on the good news! And I really like your sweater skirt! :) 

  4. You wear a sweater skirt better than most people I know! Gorgeous! And congrats on the grant!

  5. Amazing news about the grant!!! Also I really love the skirt pray tell, where may one find such a find?
    ALSO, yes I will be working this weekend, which is not news, since I'm always working...grumblegrumblegrumble...the people they like food.

  6. That skirt is super cute!!! Love the last shot :) 
    Congrats on the grant!
    ♡ from ©

  7. wow, you have one fabulous job! and a fabulous wardrobe :) I adore the skirt! I hope you make it to phase 2, Good luck! 

  8. This is such a cute outfit! I love your skirt! Good luck at the producer's workshop!

  9. I love this outfit- so cute, especially your skirt! :)


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