Thursday, November 3

Pushing Boundaries

MEXX cardigan (similar) | Jack by BB Dakota shirt (similar) | Rich&Skinny jeans (similar) | Steve Madden boots (similar) | Lips by Lise Watier Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss | Jack by BB Dakota trench (similar)

Guys, I'm not going to lie. I have been LOVING my new red lips.
For a while, I would not dare to take these babies out during the daytime 
and only reserved them for night. 
But THEN, I got brave. 
Ever so brave.
Today, I ventured outdoors in day light with RED LIPS!
And you know what, it wasn't so scary at all.
In fact, it was kind of liberating.
It's like I threw off my shoes and ran through a city fountain,
and road on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet
...except in my case I avoided frostbite and a potentially unpleasant accident.
See, when you wear red lipstick, everyone wins.


  1. Your hair and makeup look very pretty in these photos.

  2. ... and you're looking fab while you're at it! WIN!

  3. Totally a win!  I love your red lips and your boots!  

  4. Virgnie's CinemaNovember 3, 2011 at 11:01 PM

    LOVE the red lips!! Suits you so nicely. It's always great for pictures too.

    Yay for breaking out of a comfort zone and trying something new!!



  5. Oy, I love that red! I usually look a bit, well, whorish when I wear a red lip, but this is super classy and really elegant. Color me jealous, okay?

  6. The up-do and red lips make a really beautiful combination Sorren! It's such a great feeling when you realise something isn't so scary and that you can do it!  

  7. You look so beautiful!!!! Keep up those red lips!

  8. What a classic, fantastic look! I love everything about this outfit...including the red lips. Gorgeous :)

  9. No wonder, they look amazing! Love the hair too :)

  10. Love your red lipstick! It's a great pop of color for the neutral tones of your outfit.

  11. you are so lovely!!! nice outfit, very comfy and sexy... love it!!! following you now, hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!

  12. I totally rock the red during the day! It's too fun not to. 

  13. Why would have ever left your red lips home alone during the day. They are fabulous and should be shown to the world!

  14. I love this whole outfit, Sorren!  Relaxed, but so cute, clean, and classic.  :)


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