Tuesday, November 8

Everybody, Everywear: Coloured Tights

American Apparel sweater | Talula oxford shirt (similar) | American Apparel skirt (similar) | Hue tights (similar) | Ruche oxford pumps

Hoorayyy!! It's finally time for Everybody, Everywear again!
Last night I could barely sleep, 
it was like a coloured-tight Christmas Eve and I could not wait.

After so many years of wishing for mustard tights 
I thought I was down with them and what they were about. 
Turns out - not so much. 
They were jarring and bright. 
I kept seeing them through the corner of my eye every time I took a step. 
I fixed this little problem by raising my chin a little higher and looking upwards.
It worked
...it also caused me to injure three small children
and assault a dog with my gangly legs - 
but you win some, you lose some.
In this case I won, and the children and animals lost.

I now LOVE these mustard tights.
Getting over the first wear in public was somewhat stressful,
but now that it's done these puppies are going to be my new go-to. 
It's perfect actually, given how great they look with my oxford pumps, my other current obsession.

Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights


  1. Love mustard tights!  Might be my fav color to wear.  Very cute outfit!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  2. I love how the tights stand out against the neutral outfit! All of these colored tights today are making me want to add to my collection!

  3. Isn't it so silly how you can see things on others (like wonderful bright tights) and think that they look AWESOME, but once you try it you're convinced people are looking at you like you have two heads?  That happens to me all the time, but you're right, you just have to power through the first day and then all is well. I love these tights on you.  And the textures in this outfit are great!

  4. YAY! I love your mustard tights and I think you've convinced me that I need some too. They're a wonderful fall colour and look fab with those shoes :)

  5. Yay for mustard tights!  As I've already told you, your oxfords are a total win too.  Love this look!  Don't worry, the children will recover and appreciate your mustard tights one day. 

  6. seriously perrrrrfectly styled outfit! you are so put together. love it! following now girlie. <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

  7. i heart seeing people i recognize over on everybody, everywear and it's even better when they are wearing AWESOME yellow tights!  

    p.s. your portfolio site is quite pretty!  
    (and by pretty i mean modern and clean.  i should learn to use my grown-up words more!)

  8. i love those tights! you look awesome!

  9. just came across your blog through Everybody Everywear and I am super excited! I am a new follower!! Love those tights, they are exactly the color I am on the hunt for and I want to try and pair it with some of my stuff, but I am worried they may just stand out too much ... you did an amazing job with yours love the outfit a lot!

  10. Okay... where to start! Love this look, love that skirt but really, really love those shoes! Your blog is so cute! I think I might be your newest follower!!!

    HayleyThe Weekend File

  11. I love the pairing of the tights and shoes. You look very classy and put together. 

    Also, that bit about winning and losing gave me a good chuckle ;)


  12. I never thought a sweater mini could look so refined! Nicely done!


  13. Bright tights are like red lipstick, I think you need to wear them out at least 3 times before you can nix it. Love the yellow tights.

  14. Just found your blog - love your style! I too am a coloured tights aficionado; I think I have about thirty pairs. :)

  15. popped over from ebew, i wore mustard tights for the first time today as well
    i have to say i am loving how you styled yours

  16. The mustard tights and two-tone loafers look great!

  17. WOW, those tights look awesome! After this challenge, I think I'm going to have to buy a pair of mustard tights to keep my burgundy ones company. Everyone's styling them so wonderfully!

  18. UGH, I always forget about everybody, everywear. EVERY SINGLE TIME. *slaps forehead*. Not that it matters because today I am at work, which means I am wearing black pants, a black pin striped blouse and a sweater vest. No coloured tights here my friend.

    Kind of glad that you injured small children for these tights. Totally worth it.

    Ps, haven't commented in a while (because I'm a jerk... a busy jerk). How have you been? How's life? How's your side of Canada doing?

  19. U go girl in your mustard tights!  I too was feeling the same about them the first time I wore them, loud and way too bright.  Now, I LOVE them!

  20. Can't believe I forgot about EBEW this month!  Oh well. 

    Mustard is such a great accent color to a neutral outfit.  I'm impressed you incorporated a shade of colored tights into your outfit that actually match your blog design : )

  21. Virgnie&#39;s CinemaNovember 8, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    He he, I love your mustard tights enthusiasm!

    I'm wearing the similar ones today, twinsies frenchies!

    I've come to look as mustard as a new neutral for Fall. 


  22. I have a pair of mustard tights sitting in my drawer, unworn. I think you may have just inspired me to wear them! :)

  23. oh i love how you styled the mustard tights!!  i've been wondering how to style them myself without looking too "jarring and bright".  this look is absolutely perfect!

    cute & little   

  24. Love the colour of your tights- I've been on the hunt for a pair of mustard yellow!

  25. And I just read your blog a little further to find out your on the east coast! That's so exciting to find fellow style bloggers within the Atlantic provinces :)

  26. Nice photos and really nice outfit, you look great, I love
    your skirt, what a great color and that sweeter is so nice, the perfect touch
    to the outfit also cute leggings and you look really beautiful! Your blog is
    awesome by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and
    follow back!


    Culture&Fashion Magic


  27. I had similar feelings when I first bought my mustard tights - they were sooo bold. Now, I am really embracing them! I think you've styled yours wonderfully!

  28. I'm really enjoying how well the bottom half of your outfit matches your blog. You are a design genius!
    Also I'm dying to make that pear cake..

  29. hahaha I didn't even notice that but you are right! It seems this is the ideal "classic noise" outfit.

    As for the pear cake, doooo ittttt! 
    It is amazing!

  30. I just love how you styled this outfit, it strike a fun balance between sexy and preppy and makes the mustard tights pop.

  31. This is one of my favorite outfits that I've seen lately, with mustard colored tights. SO PERFECT! I love it! :) 

  32. Mustard tights are the best! Seriously, they can pretty much be worn with anything. This is such a pretty outfit!

  33. Mustard tights are my favorites too! I own two pair, haha ^^ I love how you styles them here :) they go best with blue and gray! x

  34. Love love love this outfit! Wish I could pull off yellow tights--and adore those shoes!

  35. Love those tights!!  Also always great to find another blogger from Atlantic Canada!  Now following!


  36. LOVE this outfit! You are rockin those yellow tights!


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