Monday, November 7

Case of the Mondays

Katrina Tuttle dress | American Apparel belt | Hue sweater tights (similar) | Ruche oxford pumps

Boy oh boy do I have a case of Monday brain. 
The only thing that has saved me from being a big lump today was the fact I walked Jack
 into work this morning and that I'm doing some volunteering this afternoon. 
I suppose i shouldn't be too hard on myself, Jack and I did spend both all day Saturday and Sunday in workshops. I had forgotten how intensive brain work can make a person so friggin' exhausted. No wonder I used to sleep in so late during university; work life is a breeze compared to that shiz.

In other news, meet my brand spanking new cream coloured sweater tights. 
We are in love. Me with them because they keep my legs warm,
 and them with me because I promised to treat them ever so good. 
I'm still a little put off that they are SO WHITE (but don't tell them that). 
I'm going to try and working them in slowly and if that fails, they will be perfect for spring!


  1. Love this dress and the white tights are basically perfect. I think once there is snow on the ground you will discover tons of things to wear them with. :)

  2. I have officially fallen in love with sweater tights and these are no exception.  They look great with this dress and the shoes are adorable!  I hope your Monday goes better!

  3. Mondays are tough, but those shoes are fantastic.

  4. Thanks! The monday did turn out better and you know what? I think it may have everything to do with these fantastic sweater tights!

  5. Ooooo good call! I hadn't thought about how great they'll so in the snow! Now you've got me excited :)


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