Thursday, November 10

Bicycles and Blue Jeans

Urban Outfitters top | Second Vintage Jeans (similar) | Steve Madden booties (similar)

Once again, we have a mini heat-wave on our hands.
I'm beginning to think that mother nature has crossed over to my way of thinking 
and has canceled old man winter from his annual life-ruining appearance.
Gotta say MN, if this is true, you have my full support.
That winter business is way over rated.

Sadly, I've got to face reality.
Blustery winds, frozen toes, blotchy faces and frozen eyelashes 
are what i have to look forward to.

But for now, 
I'm going to bury my head in the sand and live in this bliss.
Hopefully you are all experiencing some unseasonably warm weather, too.


  1. let's switch, here is freezing! love your bicycles top, super cute!

  2. Fat chance...we're supposed to get our first flurries of the season tonight :(

    Diggin' the bangles and heels...great way to dress up a t-shirt-and-jeans combo!

  3. so cute! That sweater is adorable. 

  4. That bicycle print is insanely cute.

  5. Agreed - winter is way overrated. We've had some super warm days too! No jackets, just sweater! It's been wonderful.

  6. This sweater is adorable. I've been trying to embrace the nice weather here while I can but it's fading fast!

  7. Send some heat to Seattle! It's downright frigid.

    On another note - you and Jack should geek out on Terra Nova. It's not even close to BG in nerdy or awesome however it's been filling the void for me. 

  8. Just love this blue color it looks really eye soothing this is going to be the next color in my list.

  9. I shall soon be sending a photo of the pink pants...we're talking pink. like two sticks of pink lipstick out of the tubes pink.

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