Tuesday, November 1

Babysit Me!

American Apparel Sweater | Talula oxford (similar) | FCUK skirt (similar) | Hue tights (similar) | Steve Madden boots (similar) | Jack by BB Dakota leather (similar)

I want to begin by saying HELLO and WELCOME to my new followers! 
I've noticed a few more people here over the past couple weeks 
and I just thought I should say HI and thanks for being here :)

This outfit came to me the minute I had the sweater in my possession. 
I had been hoping for a cream sweater of the same style but sometimes life throws you lemons, 
which I don't mind as long as they aren't thrown directly at me.
(I hate doing laundry and would find it unpleasant if something became dirty before it's time.) 

I hadn't originally planned on the headband, 
however my hair was acting stupid and flat so I threw it on to add a little depth. 
When adding the headband I did not realize that it would:
a. Make me look like boarding-school-esq
b. Make me feel like Blair Waldorf*

*sorry if I schemed against you and plotted your demise. 
It's not my fault, the headband made me do it. 


  1. I really like this look, it looks so cosy which is definitely my kind of outfit! Also, I get sooo excited when I see people wearing Hue tights! They are quite hard to find here (in Scotland) but I came across them in TK Maxx recently and snapped up 2 pairs! Sad but true, I'm easily pleased haha!

  2. The headband does remind me of Blair Waldorf, but that is a fine thing since that character is always dressed well.

  3. Love love love this outfit. And the headband is so cute. I always love headbands but black ones tend to disappear in my hair :(

    PS. love the new blog design! Am I super late in noticing it?

  4. 1. Looking like Blair Waldorf is not a bad thing! She's got fabulous style.
    2. Cute outfit! I just got a cream sweater from JCrew and styled it very similarly!


  5. Please tell me the title of this post is an Arrested Development quote! Either way, cute outfit! 

  6. You know it!
    Probably one of the best lines ever.


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