Wednesday, October 26

Slight Modification...

Sorry guys. I interrupt our regularly scheduled What I Ate post to present to you 
my long-awaited PORTFOLIO SITE and blog re-design! 
I am very excited for my blog, and it's fresh new digs, 
but am even more excited to finally have my creative portfolio site up and running! 

This baby has been in the works for longer than I'd like to admit. 
There are a number of reasons why the portfolio took the long road getting here; 
the major one is, I am picky. 
Don't get me wrong, in regards to what others accomplish and create, 
I am very open and recognize the effort behind the project above all else 
- however, when it comes to myself, I'm a tad harsh.

My poor little site went through three re-designs, numerous accent colours changes,
a domain-naming debate and hours of live-coding, to get here. 
It wasn't always a friendly process but it was definitely well-worth the struggle. 
I will be making tweaks and changes for a while to come, 
(I'm still trying to get the host to accept my favicon)
so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know - 
I always welcome outside insight.

Below, I have a few shots of my site.
However, if you'd like to see more pop on over and check it out.


  1. dang girl, this is wickedly impressive. Good for you!

  2. It's all so lovely! Being picky certainly paid off in this case. I really like the clean lines and the way you use quite a lot of interesting colors while each page still looks simple, modern, and easy to navigate. I hope good things come from this new portfolio!

  3. Yay, congrats on finishing!  I did pop over and I love the colors you used.  I also like your blog's redesign.  I'm a fan of clean designs and white space (if you couldn't tell).  And now our blogs have similar color schemes!  :)

  4. woooooowzas! girl, you make funemployment sound awesome! I love how much you've been blogging lately and your new portfolio looks incredible!

  5. The new redesign looks great, I love that the two pages are pulled together by the design. The 'roll over' buttons on your portfolio are a great touch as well, I've been piecing together my own portfolio so I totally understand about the time it takes. It SHOULD have been done a couple weeks ago... but then it wouldn't be 'perfect'.

  6. Very cool! Congrats! I love the blog redesign as well. I creeped your online portfolio and it's so clean and simple. I looked through some of your work and its incredible. I'm just finishing my marketing degree and your work is awesome. I love the branding/logos you've worked on. Very very cool :)

  7. Sorren, your new blog design looks fantastic! I love the orange! Your hard work has most certainly paid off :-)

  8. Virgnie's CinemaOctober 26, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    Well done Sorren! I'm proud of you dear!!

    Being picky is a great quality to have and it will help you achieve your dreams!


  9. I love love love love love love LOVE it!  HUGE orangey yellow fan here.  But I only have one question: what did you EAT while you redesigned (is it candy?? my pick would be candy)?

  10. Oh hi. Thanks for being FREAKING AMAZING.

  11. ermmmm, yeah. it was definitely candy. seriously though, what else do i eat - ever?

  12. Aww thanks so much! How are you liking Marketing? I loved it.

  13. haha it is never done on time. never ever. even still im trying to switch over the text in the rollovers from jepg to actual text... that may take a while :S

  14. thanks so much! I've been really trying to put an effort in to do as much as I can while I have the free time!

  15. haha you're so right, we're adorable... and orange!

  16. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the colour choices. Originally it was just orange but then the three dots appeared and evolved.

  17. thanks so much! might I also say I've been saying dang girl non-stop since reading this comment..

  18. Marketing's been great, but I'm not totally sure that it's what I want to do for my professional career... So I'm a little stuck right now. But I'll figure it out, I'm sure :)

  19. Thank you!! I think you're right, picky is a good thing


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