Tuesday, October 25

Red Lips

Joe fresh shirt | Kensie shorts | Navy hue tights | Ruche oxford heels

Last week I posted about my first ever Glymm box and how I am their new biggest fan! 
I also mentioned that the Lise Watier Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss in Rouge Flamenco 
was my favourite sample in the box and I was already hooked. 

Well here it is folks, the first of many personal style posts with me 
sporting my new favourite accessory - RED LIPS! 
I feel so brave being so bold,
 but there is really nothing about these babies that I don't love
and therefore no reason to be afraid.
I thought red lips would be high maintenance 
- that I would have to continuously reapply - not so. 
Not with this crayon at least, I suppose it is the only thing I know as far as red lips go.

All my cards on the table? 
This whole outfit was built around me premiering the red lips.
It took a little while to fine tune, 
and I may have trashed my room looking for the shorts,
but I think it came together nicely.


  1. Oh so pretty! I love the pop of red with rest of your outfit, it looks great! Don't you think there is something about red lipstick that just makes you feel better? I always want to wear it on nights out but the upkeep is a nightmare when your drinking! Even more so when you forget your wearing it in the first place! Haha!

  2. LOVE!! Perfect touch with the red lips. This is a great look on you!!

  3. The red lips make the outfit - you look gorgeous! I need to try red lipstick...am still a little shy about it :)

  4. Oh my goodness, that color looks perfect on you!

  5. These shorts are superb and I love your red lips!

  6. Love!  Why? 
    1. Stripes.  How can you not love them?
    2. Freaking cute buttons on the shorts!
    3. Shorts + tights = awesome. 
    4. Just when you didn't think it could get more awesome, add your new fave oxford heels.
    5. Rocking red lips.  

    Need I say more?

    P.S. Is that a room in your own house with all those musical instruments?

  7. Very pretty! The red lips are great and so is the rest of the outfit! 

  8. Aww thanks! I am definitely repeating this outfit.
    And yes, this is the far side of my living room. The guitars and banjo are jack's (I got him the banjo for his birthday one year!)

  9. Oh la la! Looks gorgeous, love. Very Frenchy, with the stripes :)

  10. It's only October and I'm already tired of my jeans. I'm oh so glad you reminded me of my love of the short/tights combo. 

  11. It was worth it! Great outfit. I'm now off to find me one of those lip crayons - that colour is simply divine!

  12. I love red lips!  I'm not sure why I was a little afraid of a bold lip, but since I've picked up a red lipstick, I keep buying more and more bright colors! :D


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