Friday, October 7


Jack by BB Dakota leather | Kersh top | Talula shorts | Hue tights | Nine West booties

This is one of those outfits where I thought I was making all the right moves. Upon seeing the photos however, I realized that what I thought were light grey, subtle tights came off as uber white, uber contrasting tights. Oh well, lesson learned. I'll give this outfit another try (with a twist) in a few days and hope for a better outcome!

This week I have been working overtime on designing and creating an online portfolio of all my graphic design work. It is a lot of fun but also a lot of work and incredibly time consuming. I am pretty excited with the design (even if I have a feeling I will want to change the colour I chose the minute it's published) and even have a corresponding blog design change in the works! Actually, my new blog design is ready but I'm waiting for the portfolio itself to be ready before I roll the two out - it. is. torture.

Jack and I are also working on completing a grant application, and it's Thanksgiving for us so obviously this week and weekend were the clear choice to pile on this extra work! Anybody else buried under work and deadlines this weekend?


  1. Virgnie's CinemaOctober 7, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    I love the light tights!! This whole outfit is really really cute and looks really warm and cozy without being too much for the season!

    Grant application and portfolio building? Seems like a busy week!! Can't wait to see the new blog design dear!

    Happy Thanksgiving week-end !


  2. i like the light tights and think it's a nice contrast between the dark shorts and shoes.  it's hard to get the color right in photos though so we can all blame the camera.  :)

    and i know all about deadlines.  i'm swamped too!

    cute & little

  3. I think you pulled it off nicely! The booties are just wonderful. I hear you about work this weekend, several exams are happening on tuesday. Why do professors do this?!

  4. Looking great busy lady!  I actually think that the tights look fantastic!  I need to/want to/have meant to do the shorts and tights combo for a while now.  You have inspired me to give it another go!

  5. Well I still think you look cute. The jacket is fantastic.
    Good luck with your portfolio I've been working on mine as well, and it's always so much harder & more daunting than I remember. I'm sure it'll look great in the end though.

  6. I must admit I did think they were your legs! Definitely a cute outfit tho. Some shade of purple tights would be awesome for next time!

    Surely Sonsy

  7. Ahh, A classic case of the mirror showing you something different than the camera. It happens and it's sucky. I stick with black tights because my short stubby legs need all the help they can get, but your legs look long and lean even in a lighter tight, so while it might not have turned out exactly the way you wanted, you still look lovely. xo

  8. I have done this a million times! A picture is worth a million full length mirror shots in my mind! Hope you had a good weekend!

  9. portfolio site and my blog match.  i don't think the audiences ever overlap, so i  guess it's just for me!  

    and you should totally give this outfit another go with different tights!  

  10. Love this outfit! That jacket is great.  Hope your weekend went well!

    I wanted you to know Drew and I made your Adult Mac n Cheese this weekend!! YUMMO!!!!


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