Thursday, October 27

In Denial

MEXX cardigan | lovelygirl dress | Hue tights | Steve Madden boots (similar)

Today was the coldest day of this fall so far. These photos are not from today.
These photos are from a better time. 
A time that I will not soon meet again - not until next spring, at least.
I wore this last Saturday when it was beautiful, sunny and, once again, unseasonably warm.
It was amazing and unexpected.
Unlike today.
Which was cold, horrible and unexpected.
Although I should expect it, I suppose -it being the end of October and all.

Now that I'm beginning to accept this fall-business, I must say, 
styling summer dresses for colder weather is one of my favourite things to do!
I get such a sense of accomplishment 
being able to squeeze a few more months' wear out of an item.

What are your favourite items to transition season to season?


  1. I agree. I am not loving this cold weather.  Not ready.  But, then again, I've never ready for the cold.

  2. These boots look tremendous with this floral dress and the darker tights.  I will certainly miss these warm sunny days. 

  3. I had the same problem recently when I left the house in sheer-ish tights. I almost froze my butt off that day! In an ideal world the colder weather should come in gradually so it doesn't catch anyone off guard!

    I really like your outfit (especially the boots!). Boots and tights really can prolong a Summer wardrobe quite well :-)

  4. That's one of my favs too! Infact, I'm doing it today.   Cute dress! love this look!


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