Tuesday, October 4

It's Easter soon, Right?

Jack by BB Dakota trench | D.E.P.T. dress | MICHAEL by Michael Kors shoes

Although it's fall, I feel as though my attire as of late has been styled for the spring. 
This bout of spring fever could be attributed to a number of reasons.

a. My two favourite jackets right now are this mauve trench 
and the white leather you've been seeing attached to my outfits lately. 

b. The fact that the weather has been consistently messing with me on a day-to-day basis.
Remember when I said the heatwave was over? 
Well, I was mistaken. 
As much as I love the heat, playing a guessing game while getting dressed is not my favourite.

c. I am subconsciously trying to skip over winter and head for next spring.

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  1. I tend to lean towards light neutrals in transitional seasons, too, not just spring. I love this outfit, too!


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