Friday, October 21


Pink Martini cardigan (similar) and dress | Olivia belt (similar) | Navy Hue tights | Steve Madden boots (similar)

On Tuesday, my friend and I were super productive and went to see a matinee of Footloose 
It was everything you would expect it to be - AMAZING!
haha. I kid. I kid. It was entertaining, but basically just another remake. 
That said, I enjoyed every minute and left having learning that:

a. to prove yourself in the world, you must win a school bus derby
b. dancing is the best way to spite your over-bearing father
c. dancing your troubles away will land you the gal of your dreams

Now, I realize many of the lessons I learned were dance related, but that doesn't mean they weren't valuable. I also realized upon leaving, that what I was wearing made me feel very footloose. Although, after looking through the photos I think most of the footloose feeling must come from the boots, seeing as I'm wearing tights and my dress covers my bottom. 


  1. Just two questions. One. How in the WORLD are you still wearing sleeveless dresses outside?! It's been just barely hitting the 50s here all week :( And two. What color/brand nail polish are you wearing? I love it.

  2. I seriously have NO idea! It's been 60 - 66 here all week, and it's continuing through the weekend! I have no idea how I'm going to cope once the fall actually begins to arrive. The nail polish is OPI - Ski Teal We Drop, with my ring finger subtly painted with "Yodel Me on my Cell" as a very subtle accent nail. It's one of my FAVOURITES.

  3. Adorable! I love that summer dresses can be flipped to fall dresses so easily!

    Thanks for the feedback on Footloose.  I was very iffy about it.  I usually despise remakes of classics!

  4. LOL great lessons indeed.  I have been wanting to see that movie.  I love your pretty floral frock and those boots!

  5. Darling outfit!  Perfectly put together.

  6. I have these boots! But I haven't seen Footloose. Because Julianna Hough has ruined my childhood dreams of marrying Ryan Seacrest. Don't judge.

  7. Love the outfit!!!!   Glad you liked Footloose. Can't wait to see it!!!!!  

    Get Up & Go

  8. um yeah? you're gorgeous. wow. love those boots too:)

  9. I love everything about this outfit, Sorren!  

  10. aww shucks, well thank you so much for that wonderful compliment! and the boots are SO versatile - I love them

  11. I just want to thank you for the laugh out loud moment I had at work with your last sentence :) Very glad no one was around....


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