Tuesday, October 18

Buffalo Friends

kersh top | olivia belt | kensie shorts | locale brogues | Jack by BB Dakota leather

I hide my belt

I wore this Thanksgiving Sunday when it was unseasonably warm and AMAZING. 
I didn't wear the leather for most of the day (because it was SO hot!) 
but when I did throw it on, I realized the belt was no longer as great a part of the outfit. 
So I got creative and hid it. 
I know, you're all really impressed. No worries, the buffalos were pretty impressed with me too.
We even became friends. I mean how could you not befriend a buffalo that flatters you so right?
Exactly. There's no way around. 
Needless to say, I had to re-arrange the seating chart for our Thanksgiving dinner to make room for my new friends.


  1. Nice dual outfit! I love both looks they are a lot of fun :)
    (The hidden belt cracked me up a little)
    Also, these shorts, awesome.

  2. I love both of these looks!  What a great way to transition and make the look so versatile!  I love your belt and those shoes are A.MAZ.ING. 

  3. Ooo, I love me a good outfit post with a plot twist/belt reveal.  Sneaky!!

  4. Virgnie's CinemaOctober 18, 2011 at 1:42 PM

    I'm going to remember this Thanksgiving as particularly hot too! I mean I had cocktail hour on my friend's roof in a thank top! Global Warming anyone? 

    You have fabulous legs my dear and this outfit showcases them well.

    ps: yay for the set wedding date too!!


  5. I love the outfit and those shorts are fabulous.


    And I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award in case
    you're interested in passing it along :)

  6. those buffalo definitely know what it's all about!  and i can assure that my (american) thanksgiving outfit will include three times as many layers! 

  7. I am diggin' these buffs! And your belt, brogues, shorties. And you. You know, just a little Sorren Superfandom over here.

  8. I love the outfit! (especially the oxford shoes!)


  9. Oh yes, didn't you know? Sneaky is my middle name! Whereas twist/belt reveal is my first... I suppose I should really be more creative with my belts wearing in the future

  10. Thanks!! I always figure there's no point in keeping it around once it stops working!

  11. haha I'm glad you liked that! I was hoping people would understand that it is kind of hilarious to hide your belt

  12. Aww shucks! Thanks so much, that is pretty exciting! I will have to think about who I'm going to send it forward to! :)

  13. I bet! I always use american thanksgiving as my marker as when to begin decorating for Christmas, so yes, it is definitely quite a bit colder by then!

  14. hmmm I love when you flatter me so and make me blush. the buffalos are blushing too.

  15. Thanks! It took me over a year to finally find the perfect oxfords but these are it. I almost bought a second pair when they went on sale ...but then I realized that was silly - or is it?


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