Monday, September 19

Wellies in the Sun

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Talula oxford shirt | American Apparel leggings | Hunter wellies

This weekend Jack and I headed down to the Annapolis valley, where my parents live, for a visit and some wedding chat (more on this later). On the drive down we passed the same abandoned train we always do except this time, instead of staring longingly at an amazing potential photo location, I was feeling brave enough to trespass. So we did. It was exciting, sunny and also scary... I have an active imagination and kept thinking of creepy hillbilly movies. Luckily for us abandoned, meant abandoned and we weren't caught or kidnapped. 

If you're wondering what's with the wellies / sun combo, you wouldn't be the first. When I left the house that morning it was spitting rain sideways, so I grabbed my go-to rain uniform and headed out the door. By the time I reached my coffee shop to get working, the sun had come out to mock me and I was stuck with my choices. On the plus side, these boots are the bees knees so I didn't mind looking foolish.

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  1. That's the best part about classic wellies. When you get stuck in them all day, they're still awesome.

  2. Don't be silly Sorren, you don't look foolish at all, I've always said you look really good when you've got your Wellingtons on and you are in good company with a lot of celebs who are often seen wearing their Hunter Wellingtons whatever the weather.

  3. I really like your casual look, and the location is fab :-) I've had my Hunter wellies have lasted me about 5 years but i think they are now needing replaced! Sad times, I don't think they are manufactured in Scotland anymore :-( You do look braw in yours! Haha!

  4. If I ever start a super emo, depressing diary blog (black background, grey font), I will name it "spitting rain sideways." You would read that, right?

  5. Very cool abandoned train location! All of a sudden I'm thinking of the Boxcar Children. And I have the exact same sentiments about our current weather--mocking and being stuck and all.

  6. Oooo I love the time of year when rain boots are needed! These are such a great neutral color, I'm loving this look!


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