Friday, September 30

Uptown Girl

Jack by BB Dakota leather | Katrina Tuttle dress | Hue tights | Locale shoes

Apparently this little jacket is getting more love and attention than the rest. One of the best things about having a personal style blog is you're able to catch these sort of things. If I didn't have this record of each and every outfit I wore I would have never noticed that I was working this coat to the bone, and it never would have gotten hung back up in the closet (because I dress myself based on what my hand touches first... in case you weren't following).

In any case, I got quite a few compliments while sporting this little ditty. One woman loved my tights and shoes together, saying they were "quite new york". Another described my outfit as though I'm Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada "[...] after she becomes stylish and pretty." Definitely boosted my confidence about this ensemble making it an assured fall repeat.

the lurker... I'm working on it since I'm so big city and all


  1. I love your jacket!
    And I'm with you on wearing the same jacket over and over. Since I only have one! But there's nothing wrong with giving your jacket a lot of love. That's what it's for!

  2. Seriously, that first photo could come straight from an anthropologie spread.

    Love the tights and shoes, and the jacket (of course). This is such a beautifully styled look that all of the elements are just balanced. You look lovely!

  3. I absolutely love that jacket...still. I won't get tired of it, I promise. That green building you're leaning against is fantastic!

  4. What great compliments! I love your tights and oxfords together! This is a great look!


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